Model Normsilo
Standard silo
Silo mit Waegezellen und geteilter Standzarge
Silo with load cell and split supporting skirt


We manufacture and assemble different types of silos, as described below.

Standard silos

Standard silos are used outdoors for storing larger quantities of materials. Depending on the requirements, these silos are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Diameters range from 2,000 mm – 4,200 mm with rated capacities from 20 m³ to 300 m³. All silos are designed under consideration of wind, snow and traffic loads according to DIN 1055, Section 6. Operating pressures range between +45/-5 mbar.

Silos with load cells

Load cells are used for safe and simple detection of filling levels. These are mounted above the silo door between the supporting skirt. The opening is covered off with a protective rain cover, which ensures that the interior remains clean, dry and free of insects or vermin.
Insulated silos

Insulated silos

At set-up locations with large temperature deviations between day and night or products with hygroscopic properties, the silo interior should be insulated. Here, the cylinder shell and the roof are insulated with 100 mm of mineral wool and lined out with 1 mm thick aluminum paneling.

Sack silos

Sack silos are an inexpensive and efficient solution for the storage of bulk goods. Capacities of up to 50 m³ can be stored in extremely durable bags or sacks made of fabric. The sack/bag is hung in a steel frame, which is easily set up and assembled on site.