Model Bigbag Entleerung
Big-bag emptying station
Ablagetisch fuer Bigbag Entleerung
Supporting table for big-bag emptying

Big-bag emptying

We manufacture and assemble different types of big-bag emptying stations as described below.

Big-bag emptying station

Big-bag emptying stations are used for swift and effective emptying of commercially available big-bags. The product or material in the collection receptacle can then be transported to the respective processing location. This is done with the use of suction or extraction boxes, suction lances, screw conveyors, etc.

Powdery materials can also be conveyed using appropriate discharging equipment, extraction filters and dust-tight containers.

Supporting stands/tables (height-adjustable)

For easy emptying of big-bags with the use of forklift trucks or cranes.